Thursday, 11 January 2018

A Brand New Year

Our first week at school in 2018 has been a very busy one. We have a new Aistear topic, "The Home" and for the month we will be learning all about houses, homes and our families. In Art we all became architects, engineers and builders, constructing our very own house out of cardboard boxes. We have created a role-play kitchen area and are writing about our homes and drawing house plans too.

In Maths Junior Infants are focusing on the number 3 and time. Senior Infants are learning about the number 8 and data. Click here to play some number games and practice the Days of the Week by singing the song at home.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Our Christmas Show

We performed our Christmas show which had lots of singing, dancing and Christmas music for our families on the 14th December.  Check out our costumes!

Garda Visit

We were so lucky to learn all about being a Garda from Garda John who came to our classroom and gave us a special talk all about GardaĆ­ and safety. We learned how important it is to wear our seatbelts in the car, sit in our booster seats and wear hi-visibility vests when walking. He showed us the Garda uniform and all the tools a Garda needs to keep us safe! We had so much fun learning from him and he answered lots of our questions.

Monday, 11 December 2017

The Snowman

Get into the festive spirit and watch "The Snowman". We got to build lots of snowmen at the weekend in the cold, frosty weather.

Arctic and Christmas Aistear theme

Our Aistear topics for the month of December are the Arctic and Christmas. We have built a Christmas igloo filled with arctic animals which we have learned lots about. In Junk Art we are making stables for Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. In construction we have made skyscraper igloo, Santa's sleigh and even a stable. We are using Google treks to help us learn about the arctic and polar bears. Click here to visit one of the sections of Google treks we have been exploring.


When we were babies

Our History project this month focused on the past and recalling what we could do when we were babies. We brought in photographs of when we were babies and wrote about some of the things we liked to do then including, crying, crawling and cuddling teddies!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Winter workers!

The past two weeks have been very busy in Junior and Senior Infants.
In Aistear we are learning about the Garda Station and people who help us in our community. We are taking on the role of garda, bean garda, prisoner, detective and even garda dogs in our role play area. We have been writing "Incident forms" reporting all of the different emergencies we have been attending too.
In Maths Junior Infants are focusing on the numbers 1 and 2 and we are all working on our counting skills, yo-yo counting is one of our favourite activities. Senior Infants are working on their addition skills and both classes are also learning about length.
We are lucky to have the iPads to help us learn, we have been using apps to complete Ten Town activities, read stories and work on our phonic skills.
Junior Infants are working hard on their Jolly Phonics sounds, you can listen to ALL of the songs for each sound below.

We have been listening and discussing the story "Owl Babies". Sarah, Percy and Bill were frightened when they woke up to find their Mummy was gone! We talked about how we would feel in their situation, drew our own pictures to tell the story and sponge painted our own owl babies too. You can listen to the story of the Owl Babies here. 

A Brand New Year

Our first week at school in 2018 has been a very busy one. We have a new Aistear topic, "The Home" and for the month we will be le...